What can you learn from a birthing book?


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Women experience many changes when they are pregnant. Some are obvious, but others are not obvious at all. When you understand what is going on inside her body, you will be prepared to meet her physical and emotional needs.

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A Decorative Flourish

Emergencies happen, and sometimes they happen to you! Either way, Polly's Birth Book contains a 13 page list of emergency supplies you will always want to have on hand–just in case!


A Decorative Flourish

The birthing process necessarily focuses on the woman's experience, but this is your baby, too! Polly's Birth Book will prepare you to be as involved as you choose to be.

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Give her the best experience possible!

Polly-Jean Formula

A Decorative Flourish

Our all natural herbal formula provides much easier labor and delivery, and minimization of postpartum bleeding.

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Polly's Birth Book

Highly sought after. World renowned.

In print for more than 30 years!

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