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A Decorative Flourish

This is the book form of Polly Block's 6-day midwifery course. Not only did she teach hundreds of women to be midwives, she also delivered over a thousand babies herself! Her expertise is now your expertise.

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Closeup of Book Page


A Decorative Flourish

Knowledge is power, and you don't really understand a thing until you understand the little details. Polly Birth Book is all about the details.

Wonderful Experiences

A Decorative Flourish

Historically, women in all cultures spent time together in various activities which allowed the older to pass on wisdom to the younger. Times have changed, but birthing has not. Take Polly's wisdom and pass it on to new generations.

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Polly-Jean Formula

A Decorative Flourish

Our all natural herbal formula provides much easier labor and delivery, and minimization of postpartum bleeding.

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Polly's Birth Book

Highly sought after. World renowned.

In print for more than 30 years!

Polly's Birth Book (Front Cover)