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A Decorative Flourish

Not only did Polly Block teach hundreds of women to be midwives, she also delivered over a thousand babies herself! Her expertise is now your expertise.

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A Decorative Flourish

Pregnancy is more than just delivering a baby. Nine months more, to be exact! What should you be doing then? What about afterwards? Don't worry, Polly's got you covered!

The Little Things

A Decorative Flourish

The best diet during pregnancy, for mom and baby? The best exercises to prepare your body for childbirth? A pressure point to help dilation and relieve discomfort? Sometimes the little things can make a big difference!

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Polly-Jean Formula

A Decorative Flourish

Our all natural herbal formula provides much easier labor and delivery, and minimization of postpartum bleeding.

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Polly's Birth Book

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