Emergency Preparedness

"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

Lists of Materials

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When an emergency strikes it is too late to prepare. Make sure you have the right materials when you need them! Polly's Birth Book provides lists of specific tools and supplies, with suggestions for use.

Closeup of Book Page
Closeup of Book Page

Peace of Mind

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Prior preparation can eliminate the stress and worry that often accompany emergency situations. Due to her extensive experience, Polly covers nearly every possible contingency. You've got this.

Guidance and Direction

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Most people don't understand things like blood pressure, leaving it to doctors and nurses. In an emergency, however, it's all on you. But don't worry! Polly will walk you through the process.

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Here's something else to have on hand!

Polly-Jean Formula

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Our all natural herbal formula provides much easier labor and delivery, and minimization of postpartum bleeding.

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Polly's Birth Book

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