About Us

Polly Block

Author, Mother, Midwife, Teacher, Grandma Great

Polly Block’s years of experience delivering thousands of healthy babies, training and lecturing to hundreds of lay midwives, and lecturing, have prepared her to write Polly's Birth Book, directed to the lay person–her personal “labor” of love.

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Jeanette Lasson

Mother, Grandmother, Proprietor

As Polly's daughter, Jeanette grew up learning all about babies and motherhood from an early age. When her mother passed, she made a promise to continue making this amazing book available for as long as she can!

Special Thanks To Rod

From the moment we met at the emergency preparedness show Rod has been a huge supporter. From helping us launch our very first website to going to other emergency preparedness shows, Rod was willing to help Polly's Birth Book move forward however he could. We are so grateful for his love, patience, and support which has helped us get to where we are today. You are "The Real Rod."