Polly's Birth Book Saves The Day

I am very high risk because I don't have a thyroid, so I had to have my baby in the hospital. The baby's heart rate kept dropping.

After the nurses turned me several times  failing to get the heart rate to stay up, the nursing staff and doctor thought I may have to have probes inverted and applied. C-section right away!

My mom said," I"ll be right back." She came back a few minutes later with some vitamin e and Polly's birth book's HVC and had me sip at it. It tasted good, my tummy settled down and my baby's heart rate came back up where it was supposed to be and stayed there.  No C-section was necessary, no wires screwed into my baby's head, and I am well, and she came out well and healthy.

Polly's birth book saved the Day!

Many thanks,

-High Risk in Utah