Polly's Birth Book

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Polly's Birth Book (Front Cover)

A comprehensive natural childbirth reference book and training manual
for all those who desire better birthing experiences.


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This book takes you through a birth, from the first signs of pregnancy through prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care, in chronological order.

A Pregnant Woman
A Father and Child


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The husband needs to know what his wife goes through to give him children, so he can provide support and assistance.


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Midwives play an important role in successful labor. They are able to detect potential problems, within safe time limits, and offer security and reassurance to the anxious couple.

A Midwife
A Woman Alone in the Wilderness

Emergency Preparedness

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Midwifery is a vital part of emergency preparedness, a valuable commodity in a community, even a life-saving resource.

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A Baby