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Polly's Birth Book

Aaron, You’re Awesome!

Aaron, You’re Awesome!

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This is a tender story that goes beyond the devastating experience and emotional trauma a family goes through when a brain injury is sustained by a loved one. In addition to walking through the pain and endless questions about the future of the survivor, and the day and night struggles of learning to understand and to cope, this account reaches forward, in depth, to help the onlooker, the immediate and extended families to clinically understand the personality change and the possible behaviors expected from such an unfortunate victim. Emphasis is placed on what to do about them, how to befriend and interact with them.

From the Foreword:
"Aaron was one of the first brain injured patients I encountered during my first year as a Social Worker in the Shock/Trauma Intensive Care Unit… Aaron's story teaches much about the disappointments, challenges, and triumphs of the traumatic brain injured and their loved ones. It is a source of information, understanding, and hope." –Kim Evans, Licensed Social Worker, LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah.

This book is a paperback. It has 96 pages, and weighs approximately 0.4 lbs. Its dimensions are approximately 5.375" (W) x 8.25" (H).

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