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Nurturing The Spirit Vol. I

Nurturing The Spirit Vol. I

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As clouds above the highest peaks make the mountains seem loftier than ever, so the Nurturing the Spirit Series will nourish and lift your spirit to new heights.

In The Crossing, the "gathering" Mormons crossed the ocean and walked the land in homespun clothes and bonnets, with blisters and sunburn and sweat. Their sights were set nigh unto Kolob, which in those days was called THE ROCKIES–THE KINGDOM IN THE TOPS OF THE MOUNTAINS!

Beneath the Prairie Bush… is an old fashioned love story! The romance begins in far away lands across the ocean and leads them hand in hand toward their dreams in the West.

This book is a paperback. It has 176 pages, and weighs approximately 0.75 lbs. Its dimensions are approximately 5.375" (W) x 8.25" (H).

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